Why is your AC blowing warm air?

Domestic AC now a days split / cassette / ductable type have basically 2 units. Indoor Unit and Outdoor Unit. Many times you may find your AC is blowing warm air instead of cold. In India we have a very rare application of a heat pump or an AC with heating & cooling mode both. So it is quite obvious that if your AC is blowing hot air, something is wrong.
Instead of directly going for an external help, lets have a look at the basic reasons for the said problems:

  1. a) Check thermostat;

Sounds very funny but it is a very commonly found mistake which is always ignored to be checked. So please check the temperature settings in your thermostat with selection of cooling MODE is proper or not. Also check the location of the sensor of the thermostat. It must be in the path of air returning to your AC indoor unit or inside the room near to indoor unit.

b) Restriction in airflow:

Many times we find that ACs are not cleaned or have not under gone periodic cleaning / maintenance causing chocking of filters & coil. Since the air is not flowing at desired rate or speed in adequate quantum the cooling effect reduces and may cause up to heating illusion also. So its time to check and clean. For domestic ACs a home made cleaning may work. For institutional applications you may need a professional help.

c) No power to outdoor unit:

Many times it may happen specially in semi-urban or rural areas where power fluctuation is frequent and which may cause tripping of MCB (power supply switch) of outdoor unit. In domestic ACs it may be a situation where indoor unit is powered ON but power supply to outdoor is interrupted.

d) Some problem in compressor / Refrigerant gas in outdoor unit:

After all above basic possibilities as mentioned in point a,b,&c; we now have a possible mechanical failure in outdoor which surely needs a professional assistance for any type of AC.



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