Antibacterial Coating for the Floors

With the advent of technology, many aspects of Pharma industry have advanced. One such aspect is to come up clean and microbe-free products in the market. For that same fact, Clean rooms have got utter importance to maintain the value of cleanliness to produce expected product with quality.

A new type of product used in such clean rooms like austenitic stainless steel came up in market, especially designed which is known to have more durability and resistance to bacteria. It has been developed by technologists at the University of Birmingham (UK). It making involved adding silver or copper to the surface of steel using the technique of ‘active screen plasma’ASP technology.

Since, Silver (Ag) and Copper (Cu) have a long history of use in human healthcare and medicine. It is known to be poisonous to bacteria just as lead or cyanide is to humans.

Hanshan Dong, the lead scientist in this area, took this existing ASP technology, a plasma surface engineering method used to harden stainless steel and came up with unbelievable process which introduces silver along with nitrogen and carbon, into the steel. Silver acts as an antibacterial agent and nitrogen and carbon adds to the steel’s hardness and durability.

The researchers treated stainless steel medical instruments 120 times, multiplying the cleaning process in hospitals. They found this ASP technology and this antibacterial properties of the stainless steel were still intact and the surface still resistant to wear. They look promising and marked itself for longer duration of time.

Resource: HVAX Technologies


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